Candy Prize – Online Arcade Skill Game

Welcome to Candy Prize, another amazing real money arcade game based on the hyper successful match-3 game with a 10k top multiplier and a 1 in 1 hit frequency. Use your skill and experience up to 100 wins and 5 big wins wins with a return to player of 94%!

Your goal is to match all the goal pieces with a limited number of moves to complete the goal. Be ready and you can win what others have missed, use the goal pieces on the board and the ones that will fall from the top during your game. Experience the world of candy prize with candy pieces, peppermints, eggs, chocolate and grass as your tools to make your moves towards matches. Each and everyone with a different outcome. 

Make matches, clear goals, and win big!


How to play Candy Prize

Use your skills with your finger och mouse cursor to touch and swap gems and make matches. Match gems by matching 3 or more in a line, you can also match a square shape from 4 gems. 

If you manage to match 4 or more gems you make a burst, tap or swap a burst to launch it. The more gems you line up the more powerful burst you will create. Engender rockets, different kinds of explosives or why not make a super, a burst that will swap all the nearby gems to the same color. 

  • Match 4 pieces in a line to make a rocket.
  • Match 4 pieces in a square to make and explosive by 3×3.
  • Match 5 pieces in a T or L to make a bomb that will detonate in a big circle.
  • Match 5 pieces in a line to make a Super.

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Achieve big wins and earnings by completing the goal within the allotted moves and you will be granted the maximum payout. 

Winnings are distributed among the listed goal pieces so that matching the full goal requirement awards 100% of the potential winnings. However, the exact amount awarded by an individual goal piece can vary up to 80% from the average. 

The total payout on the base game is up to 10,000x the wager. 

In order to collect all of your potential winnings, you must match all the goal pieces before running out of moves.

Do you have the skill to gamble?



Goal Pieces

  • Candy Pieces: Make the matches with the listed candy piece color to clear.
  • Peppermints: Match pieces next to the falling peppermints to break it open.
  • Egg: Drop Eggs to the bottom of the board to open them.
  • Chocolate: Match pieces next to the chocolate to crack it open. Each chocolate square takes 3 hits to fully break.
  • Grass: Match pieces in front of the Grass to clear it.

Skill Balance Pot

The Skill Balance Pot collects all lost winnings as a result of sub-optimal play and distributes them as mystery prizes. It is shared between all the players at the same bet level and currency. For example, players who bet $1 USD will share the same pot as other players playing at $1 USD.

Players have a chance to qin some ore all of the Skill Balance Pot earch round. Each goal object matched during the round has a chance to increase your pot winnings. 0-100% of the predetermined maximum win value is available to the player depending on the performance during the round.

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