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Project Manager

We are looking for a Project Manager to join us, in order to ensure smooth and timely delivery of projects by planning, monitoring, documenting, and communicate information within the organization and external parties.

Read more about the position here.

Backend Developer

We are looking for a Senior Backend Developer who can write production-ready Go and Java code for our REST servers, design and use PostgreSQL and Elastisearch databases, work closely with client engineers and designers to implement necessary endpoints and manage tasks and communicate with producers and teammates.

Read more about the position here.

Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Frontend Developer who can be responsible for designing, developing, testing and debugging responsive game clients and frameworks for the company.

Read more about the position here.

DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer, we would like you to master and manage multiple cloud servers running Linux, monitor server stability and availability, maintain a high level of security on our servers, stay on top of security patches, look into server outages and errors and quickly identify problems and pass the information on to the relevant parties.

Read more about the position here.

Support Engineer

This role provides you the opportunity to join a newly created support team where you will be collaborating on a different number of tasks among IT professionals.

Read more about the position here.

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