Gladius K.O. – Show your skill and increase your earnings! 

Welcome to Gladius K.O, another Amazing 6×4 online knock out slot game with the inspiration of the old mighty roman empire. Take your chance of knocking out some really big wins over 50 different winning lines with tons of wins and high paying coins. Through the game you will face glimmering loot chest filled with more trophies and bonus games that will give you a chance to increase your earnings. 

Do you have the skill to gamle? Use the knockouts to change the bad lines into winning lines and harvest what others might have missed, giving you a higher return to player profit and climb through the leaderboard. Achieve earrings faster with your smash skill through golden discs to align the glimmering loot chests horizontally, giving you a better chance of instant wins and bonus games.


Game Rules 

  • The Game automatically plays max lines.
  • Your bet is automatically divided among the 60 lines.
  • All 6 Reels are always in play
  • All win lines pay from left to right
  • Only the highest win is paid on each line
  • Slot bet max multiplier is 2,500x
  • RTP: 95.16%
Gladius K.O - Slot Machine Game
Marching Wild - Gladius K.O - Slot Machine Game

Marching Wild

During the game you will encounter the eagle and marching wild symbol on all reels during the base game. The eagle will move from left to right, giving you a higher payout of earning with a multiplier of x1 for each reel it jumps trough, giving you a chance up to x6 your winnings. During the marching wild, boxes become sticky in the position where they appeared first. if a marching wild tries to land on a box, it “jumps” over it while increasing the multiplier.


Knock Out Feature 

Experience the glimmering loot chest and earn more coins during your game. If you have 3 loot chests horizontally aligned adjacent, then you will be giving an instant win. Don’t forget to use your knock out discs to smash your symbols and align your loot chests.

On top of that, you will also see that above each reel you will be giving a chance of a glimmering loot chest. If the chest is above a reel within 1 to 3 smashes it will help to create 3, 4 and 5 chests in a row. To enter a bonus game you will have to horizontally align adjacent 4-6 chests.


  • 3 Chests – Offer a secret instant win
  • 4-6 Chests – Lets you enter a bonus game


Knockout feature - Gladius K.O - Slot Machine Game
Gladius K.O - Slot Machine Game

Chargable Knock Out

Affect your profits with your own skill and give yourself a chance to earn coins more often and with higher payouts.

The indicator to the right in the game consists of 10 discs, each disc charges within 5 paid spins. Use the golden disc to smash symbols in the order to get 3 or more chest in a row.

Bonus Game

The Bonus game appears if 4 or more chests are aligned in one horizontal line adjacent to each other. The chest will open and reveal that you have won the loot box + 4(at 4 boxes), 6(at 5 boxes) or 8(at 6 boxes) rounds of shell game. 

The shell game is a matrix picker, it reveals what you could have won, the last pick is different to all the picks before. 

The last pick shows your fixed win + the part of the skill-balance-pot, while all the other rounds of this bonus game only show the picked price and not the skill-balance-pot. This way, the best comes last.

Gladius K.O - Slot Machine Game
Gladius K.O - Slot Machine Game

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