Jade Puzzle – Find the right strategy for big winnings while chasing a high score! 

Jade Puzzle is a fun and strategic puzzle game, where you get skill points as a reward depending on your performance in the game. Drag random series of shapes from the game dock and place them strategically on the wooden grid board. 

Keep up with other players and keep track of your position through different leaderboards. Chase a high game score with your skill points to rank high in the leaderboards and the possibility to win additional prizes!

Start collecting them skill points to secure your top position on the leaderboards right away!



Earn Jade Puzzle Skill Points – Arcade Skill Game

Use your skills correctly and get awarded with valuable skill points in this arcade skill game. The basic way of earning skill points is placing shapes on the board and clearing vertical and horizontal lines.

Placing any shape onto the game board gives the player 10 skill points. Clearing a vertical or horizontal line results in 100 skill points.

There are several additional ways to earn skill points. Jade puzzle also offers you to win bonus skill points for moves of skill. From 100 skill points for placing any rotated shape onto the game board, to 1000 skill points for clearing the entire game board of shapes after the start of the game. 

Win more bonus skill points by clearing multiple lines in one move.  

This is what you earn when the lines are cleared:

1 = 100 skill points

2 = 300 skill points

3 = 600 skill points

4 = 1000 skill points

5 = 1500 skill points

6 = 2100 skill points

At the end of the game the total skill points will be added to make the game score. Game scores are used to rank the player in the different leaderboards. 


Jade Puzzle - Online Arcade Skill Game | Green Jade Games
Jade Puzzle - Online Arcade Skill Game | Green Jade Games

How Does Jade Puzzle Work?

Use your skill to place three random series of shapes at a time to fit in the 8×8 grid. Score is earned when you form a vertical or horizontal contiguous line of 8 cells, which then disappears from the board and makes more available space for new shapes.

Try to collect as many skill points as possible to get beat other players, get a high rank on the leaderboards and get the chance to win more prizes.

Once the board are full and you can’t place any of the remaining shapes from the game dock the game is over. When the game ends, your score is uploaded to a leader board and you can start a new game. 



Jade Puzzle Functions

  • Players begin placing shapes from their dock onto the 8×8 game board.
  • Every time a shape is placed and a square is filled, points are earned.
  • When 3 shapes are placed onto the board, 3 new ones are placed into the game dock.
  • Once a row or column has its boxes filled, they will disappear and additional points will be rewarded. Leading up to further space for the shape placement.
  • As the player earns skill points playing the game, the rotate button will fill up.
  • A player can rotate a single shape in their dock, once per every 300 Skill Points earned
  • Placing a rotated shape onto the game board awards Bonus Skill Points
  • Coins are the in-game currency and can be won when the player placing the bet. 
  • When the player clears different gold shapes, coins get earned.
  • If the game ends before the gold shapes are gone, that money is added to the skill bonus pot
  • The game ends when the player is unable to place any of their remaining shapes in the dock.

The players score is uploaded to a leaderboard when the game is over, and a new game can be started.


Jade Puzzle - Online Arcade Skill Game | Green Jade Games
Jade Puzzle - Online Arcade Skill Game | Green Jade Games

Jade Puzzle Leaderboards

Aim for the sky and win additional money or free games by earning skill points and climbing the leaderboard. The score of each player is uploaded to a leader board when a game is lost. These prizes is not a part of the game RTP percent.

Jade Puzzle leaderboards information:

  • Contains daily, weekly and monthly leaderboard competitions.
  • When the time period is over, each leaderboard resets the player progress and the competition can begin again.
  • Your leaderboard position is based on your best score within the relevant leader board timeframe. 
  • The 4 columns on the leaderboard will list the rank, the player, their score, and prizes.
  • When different players have the same score, the prize will go to the player that achieved the high score first.


Skill Balance Pot

Jade puzzle contains a skill balance pot to help balance coin prize distribution across all skill levels. Skill balance pot prizes are earned by clearing gold shapes from the game board, and are displayed the same as other coin prizes. All missed skill balance pot prizes within a game goes back into the skill balance pot.

Skill Balance Pot - Jade Puzzle - Online Arcade Skill Game | Green Jade Games
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