Side Bet 11K online casino gaming

Side Bet Rules

Side bets is an optional feature that allows players to bet on where they predict a specifik symbol, or symbols, will land on the reels. Players have the option to place a side bet on the reels at any time before committing to a spin. The side bet feature has its own bet amount, independent of the main slot machine bet amount. 

  1. Single bet = 1 symbol placed on 1 square (bild)
  2. Double bet = 2 different symbols placed on 2 different squares (bild)
  3. Treble bet = 3 different symbols placed on 3 different squares (bild)

Only one type of side bet can be placed per spin and a player has to get the full side bet correct in order to recieve a payout rewarded. There is no reward for getting a partail side bet correct. The rarity of a symbol has an effect on the size of the side bet payout multiplier, with the most rare symbols providing higher payout multipliers. The complexity of the bet also affects the payout size, with single bets paying the least, and treble bets paying the most.

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