Interview: SixSlots talks to Green Jade’s CCO Mark Taffler

Earlier in March, Mark was interviewed by SixSlots where the main topic of the day was the launch of Book Of Babylon. During the interview, you can also read about Mark’s background, who Green Jade is today, where we are going and where we want to be.

You have had an illustrious career in managing and iGaming. Working for such brands as NetEnt, what are som of the qualities that you’re carrying over to Green Jade? Why Green Jade was the perfect choice for you?

Illustrious is quite overreaching as a term, I’m just a sales guy! I have, however, had the pleasure of working for an industry institution in NetEnt and now an industry revolutionary in Green Jade. I think you arrive at moments in life whereby your personal needs intertwine with your work ambitions. Green Jade was, for me, about 3 things. Ben, Jesper, and the vision of doing something completely different.

The main topic of today is Book of Babylon. Is here an intestering story, how the idea for this slot came about?

Yes, of course. It’s quite simple. There are 60+ “Book Of” games out there. We wanted to see how our would do.

“It’s the combination of authentic music and ancient-looking visuals that create a mysterious yet wonderful atmosphere. “Book of” slots should be kept simple, but they also have to look good, to attract new players and to keep the existing ones.”

– Mark Taffler

What are som qualities that make the Book Of Babylon stand out? In other words, what will attract the players the most, in your opinion?

It’s the most famous game ever made in the online casino, so we hope players enjoy our homage to the legendary slot.

Take a look at the features of Book Of Babylon and why it is such a large and hyped slot game.