Podcast: Latest insights with Mark Taffler – Listen to The Knowledge by Gambling.com

LISTEN: Green Jade Games' Neon Lights Goes Back to Basics

Mark Taffler, Chief Commercial Officer here at Green Jade Games, joined The Knowledge podcast last week.

We discussed:

  • The new amazing stripped-back slot release “Neon lights“!
  • The success regarding Arcade Skill Games
  • What sector online casinos should be taking notes from.

The Knowledge e12 by Gambling.com: Featuring Mark Taffler

Listen to the episode here:

The Knowledge Podcast by www.Gambling.com is a series of interviews with some of the biggest names in the gambling industry, giving listeners a unique insight into the minds of some of the sector’s major players.

We wanted to create a game that met the needs of our customers, the players themselves. We wanted to build an acquisition and retention game and this game is so easy to understand. From an acquisition perspective it’s perfect. It’s a crazy 80s retro slot that pays out 1 in every 2 spins, all of the RTP is in the base game and the soundtrack is amazing.

– Mark Taffler

Neon Lights – The perfect onboarding game for new customers

Experience the classic slot machine days with a new more enhanced touch and engagement. The slot is stripped back to its purest form, with the entire RTP loaded into the base game. No bonus games, no overwhelming features, no unnecessary elements.

Just play, laugh and enjoy the classic fruits and bells that take you back to the classic slot machine days!

Or take it for a spin right away! Play Neon Lights